uno, dos, tres

During my fourth week of medical school I made the executive decision not to drop out. And with that decision I made a few promises to myself:

  1. You must stay normal. You need to stay normal. You have to do normal things and see normal people.
  2. You are not type A, you have no desire to be type A. Even if being anal and unhealthily competitive would make your life easier (and ohhh how it would), you will resist.
  3. You must sleep. You need sleep. You have to sleep. I know that about 30% of your class functions on 4-5 hours of sleep a night (honestly, they do), you can not do that. You turn into a goblin. In general, people do not like goblins.

Three simple promises: stay normal, do not become a crazy bitch, do not turn into a goblin. I have since completed my first year of med school– and what a ridiculous adventure it was. I will say I did fairly well on numero tres, garnering a nomination as president of the “grandma club” on our class’s facebook page. For the record, I turned down the honorable position. I am pretty sure I didn’t turn into a crazy bitch. In fact, I think for year two I may have to amend that promise: grow some balls. As for number one, well, that was a poorly worded promise.


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