Almost every day for the past three weeks I have woken up with a new bug bite.  The situation got particularly bad when I woke up one morning with a bite on my eyelid.  Conveniently, it was my first day in the OR.  A day, unlike other days, where the ONLY part of my body that would be showing was the small area around my eyes.  Conjure up a picture of a swollen-eyed ogre (or quasi-moto), A friend sent this to me after I told her about my eye.  Looks just like me.dress it in a surgical cap, mask, and scrubs, and that was me.  The next day I had a bite on my cheek.  Then two on my thumb.  Next it was my shoulder, then the exact same place on the opposite shoulder, then my chin.  WTF?!  At least lay off the face!


So this morning my mom emailed to tell my sisters and me that there is now actually evidence that mosquitoes DO bite some people more than others.  This is something my family has known, but been unable to prove to those who love us and just think we’re insane, for decades.  It seems that darker colors, temperature, CO2 in the breath, lactic acid, exercise, drinking alcohol, and other things can attract mosquitoes.  FINALLY! SOME EVIDENCE!


Her email was perfectly timed, as it was just last night that I went berserk with the vacuum cleaner. I went over every inch of the bedroom, I was determined to vacuum up whatever little bugger it was that was biting me.  I thought maybe he made a home in our room, in a corner, in the night stand, or under the bed.  Well, after my mom sent out that email I found out that this behavior runs in the family. Some emails that followed:


“I used to wake up every night at like 3 am with 3 or 4 bites and I would have to turn on all the lights and stand up on the bed and find the bug and kill it. If I didn’t find it and kill it, it would continue to bite me throughout the night. It drove D so crazy – me getting up and turning on the lights at 3 every night – that he sealed the window for me.” – my middle sister


“You bring back my memories of my father barging around the house at midnight spraying bug spray everywhere!  He drove us all nuts!  He used to get so mad at my mother because she never got bitten, and she had no sympathy for him.” – my mom


 Last night I was discussing my bug bites with B.  He was concerned that other people would think the house was running wild with mosquitoes. He wanted to be sure that I was also informing people that he has yet to receive ONE bite.  


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3 responses to “bugs

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  2. Pax Arcana — bug bite free since 2001, thanks to the missus…

  3. Mrs. Pax Arcana

    He’s never going to get bitten since you’re there. You’re his bug repellant.

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