Our anesthesiologist today was Alex Karev. All morning he dramatically banged around the OR acting pissed off because the patients were being crazy.  He was right though, the crazies were being operated on this morning, in our OR.  But seriously, with his mask on he looked exactly like this man to the right.   In the afternoon I think he started feeling bad about his stormy behavior, and yelled at me, “Hey Med Student, get over here!”  Oh shit, what now.  And as he intubated the patient he identified the trachea for me and very thoughtfully explained each step of the procedure.  And just as fast as he called me over, “Alright that’s all I’ve got.  Get out of my way.”  Thanks, Dr. Karev.  Oh and in case you didn’t notice, Ava’s gone off the deep end.



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4 responses to “alex

  1. kebmurphy

    You are soooooooooo lucky…

  2. Mike


    Who is that man in the doctor coat if the doctor in the OR only looked like him with his mask on?


  3. drfrenchfry

    Ohhh Uncle Mike, Alex Karev is a character on the show Grey’s Anatomy. That is the guy in the picture.

  4. JBW

    The man in the picture is the actor Justin Chambers who plays the doctor, Alex Karev, on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

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