countdown to the shore

The countdown is on.

Every summer my family rents a house on Long Beach Island. According to my mother, this has been happening since 1951.

For the lucky few (me, N, B, and the occassional straggler) it’s a week of sleeping in the community room and waking up to the sun rise over the ocean. The early mornings are made bearable in part by the sight of the sun over the ocean, but more so by the prospect of a nap on the beach later in the day. More importantly, however, this is the week where we wake up every day to fresh bakery donuts and pastries in the kitchen, eat cereal with fresh peaches and blueberries, have a bagel with cream cheese and fresh jersey tomato, drink hot coffee, and leisurely read the newspaper.
It is the week of the puzzle, a week of reading on the beach, a week of playing tennis if you want. It is a week of no one forcing you to get up and do anything you don’t want to do. Sleep in if you want (unless you were stuck sleeping in the community room), go to the beach if you want, read on the deck all day if you want.

There are only a few rules for the week at LBI. The first is that every day you must have a monstous sandwich made with fresh bread, cold cuts, jersey tomatoes, pickles, a side of potato chips, and beer on the deck at lunch time. The second rule is that you and a partner must cook dinner at least one night of the week. The third rule is that happy hour starts no later than 6pm.

It is by far my favorite week of the entire year. It always has been and probably always will be. There is something magical about the ocean, the salt air, the dunes, the sun, and having your entire family in one place at one time.

Now, let’s not forget that this is a blog that was created with the intention of chronicling the ridiculousness of med school. What I am afraid might perhaps become a recurring theme of this blog is this: med school is a pain in the ass and gets in the way of pretty much everything.

And so it begins– my family rented the house for two weeks this year, the two weeks happen to coincide with the first two weeks of my second year. According to the third year students, pathology starts off at lightening speed, leaving you with little time to breathe, much less sit on the beach, drink beer at lunch, swim in the ocean, and have happy hour followed by fresh fish and corn on the cob for dinner.

…I’ll try not to complain.


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3 responses to “countdown to the shore

  1. Mike

    I also think of the sea breeze, the bay, walking around a marina watching the boats bob, thunder storms, girls on the beach, playing paddle in the sand, how good the ocean feels, how good the outdoor shower feels, ….

  2. Every year, I think “this is finally the year I won’t be the tallest boy in the house.” I think this year is really going to be it.

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