second year

I know. I disappeared for a while there. I’m not really sure what happened. Oh wait, yes I do. Second year started, and it started with a vengeance.

Mostly I blame it on Robbins. Those of you who are not in medical school (which includes all five of my readers) may not appreciate the content of this post. Those of you who are may want to shield your eyes, as the image to the right may provoke a projectile emetic episode all over your lovely keyboard. I spend so much time with Robbins that some would say we are in love. In fact, he is no longer Robbins, he is Robbie. My friend L, simply trying to make me jealous, refers to him as Bob. The other culprit, and new best friend, is a man named Goljan. This is a man I have never met or even seen, but have listened to his sought-after, pirated lectures enough already that the tone of his voice and maniacal laugh are so familiar that they are eerily comforting.

While I’ve become super tight with both Robbins and Goljan, what I have not done is spent much time with normal people. I haven’t seen my boyfriend since early August, or had even a conversation with someone not in medical school since Friday. This, I know, is a problem.

And so, with Robbins by my side, I am going to try to start to post again. With exams just around the corner, I am hoping it will keep me partially sane. We shall see.


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3 responses to “second year

  1. Ankie

    Funny, we used to call it “Kumar” instead of Robbins since Dr. Kumar was at UTSW. There was also a pocket version, affectionately “baby kumar”. What a nerd, I still love those books…..

  2. drfrenchfry

    Ha! That is so funny! Yep, Big Robbins (aka Big Daddy), Medium Robbins, Baby Robbins. I am partial to Medium.

  3. I was never one for Path, so it was always the Baby Robbins for me. Small as it was, it still managed to destroy my social life though. Good luck on your exams.

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