On my way into the A&P earlier this evening I noticed a crazy old man wearing some sort of tan revolutionary war uniform wandering around the produce section. About a minute or so later when I was in the snack isle I looked up from the Twizzlers to see the crazy man staring at me. I HATE when that happens.

He said to me, in a thick (Russian?) accent: Did you hear about the merger between Stop & Shop and the A&P?

Trying my best to look totally uninterested and annoyed and mean I replied: No….

The crazy old man then said: Oh, well today there was a merger and they decided to call themselves STOP…. AND…. PEE.



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4 responses to “merger

  1. You had to laugh at that. A crazy old man with a pee joke? I’d be rolling on the floor in tears.

  2. drfrenchfry

    Oh I did… I laughed the whole way home. And every time I thought about it throughout the night. Gotta love the crazies.

  3. JBW

    That is hilarious. I’m saying it in my head with a thick Russian accent.

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