Yesterday, in our small groups, my professor asked, “What are the only two reasons for not giving a rectal exam during a full physical?

Everyone racked their brains trying to think of medical reasons, “Rectal bleeding? Infection? Cancer?”

And then I remembered something someone once told me.

Somewhat timidly I offered, “If your patient doesn’t have… a…. hole?”

RIGHT! and…???

And I knew I was on the right track, “OR IF YOU DON’T HAVE A FINGER!!”

That’s my girl.

The rest of my group was A) slightly confused and B) laughing hysterically. And as praise and encouragement are absurdly rare these days, I’ll take what I can get.



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4 responses to “quiz

  1. HAH!

    Although I might be confused. I’ve had a bunch of physicals and have never enjoyed the pleasure of a latex explorer. Are they really saying you should get one every time or is the definition of “full physical” different from what I’m thinking.

  2. drfrenchfry

    The point he was trying to get across to us is that whenever you are told to give a patient a full physical as a med student (mostly third or fourth year) or young resident, it is not a complete physical unless you have done a rectal exam on the patient. I know the woman I shadowed last year, who was in family practice, did a quick one on almost everyone who came in that was above a certain age. But she is definitely an exception. It’s rare that someone actually gets a “full” physical.

  3. a hahahahaha you are wicked smaht

  4. Mrs. Pax Arcana

    Narsty. I have enjoyed the pleasure of a “full physical” but only because I thought I had cancer – which, of course I didn’t – because hypochondria runs in the family.

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