the boss

brucespringsteenI was given the opportunity to see the one and only Bruce Springsteen play at a benefit for Bob Woodruff’s new foundation on Wednesday night. He was playing to a small group, in a small theater, and I am obsessed with the man. How could I say no? Well, despite the fact that I have a round of hellish exams coming up, I couldn’t. Both my mom and one of my sisters encouraged me, and that was more than enough to twist my arm. I hopped on the train and made my way into the city.

It was incredible! And sort of hillarious that there I was, shmoozing with Bob Woodruff and General Casey. And even more hilarious that Marc Cohn brought me a glass of wine from the bar. The ginormous Justin Tuck from the NYGiants was sitting three seats to my left. Further to his left was Tom Brokaw, in front of him was Brian Williams, and in front of him was my favorite sighting of the night… Elliot from Law and Order SVU! (L&O: another addiction of mine)

Springsteen, of course, was the highlight of the evening. His set list was short: The Promised Land, Thunder Road (with Patti), and The Rising. He told some jokes (it was an evening dedicated to comedy–Whoopi, Ricky Jervais, and Darrell Hammond were all preforming as well), and then auctioned off his Harley, leather jacket, and guitar. I don’t know what it is about that man, but he is just amazing. Two long-held dreams of mine: 1) to meet Bruce, and 2) to be on Oprah. Perhaps Oprah will have a Law & Order show for which she invites me and Bruce to commentate? Probably.

Things took a turn for the worse as I made my way back to Penn Station. I wiped out. A full-blown belly-flop-on-the street type of wipe out. It was one of those falls where I slipped and lost my balance, took at least fifteen steps in an attempt to stop falling, and finally belly planted in the middle of Broadway.

One pair of wet pants, one drenched coat, and one bleeding leg later I made it to Penn Station, paused to look at the train board, and heard my phone crash to the floor. The parts were everywhere. Finally I found a seat on the train, and a minute later a drunk kid sat down and passed out next to me. I mean, come on.

But all of that and the number of points worse I am bound to do on my exams next week were totally worth it. This guy is the man…


When the bidding slowed at $50,000 he threw in his leather Jacket. Final price: $70,000.



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8 responses to “the boss

  1. Mrs. Pax Arcana


  2. I’m so jealous that you got to be that close to Justin Tuck. If I were there he may have needed security to pull me away from him…

  3. drfrenchfry

    not really sure what that comment is all about…?

  4. That One Guy..

    no just an awesome poetic blog

  5. Spam from a terrible poetry blog.

  6. That One Guy..

    ignorance. it shall be the death of our society.

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