happy new year

My first and foremost resolution for the new year is to stop being so stupid during exam week.  I must be on the right track as I can only recall ONE incident from last block.

-After studying for a few morning hours at Panera I opened the driver’s door of my car to unlock all the doors.  (I have to do it this way because I have an erratic car alarm remote thing that likes to go off at inconvenient times).  Next I opened the back door to put my ridiculously large and heavy bag in the back seat.  I got into the front seat, turned on the engine, buckled my seat belt, and put the car into drive when I got all pissed off because I was freezing. A few milliseconds later I realized the back door was still open.

As I said, however, I am on the right track.  Then end of last block was utterly miserable, but my brand-new 0.5 point colorful pens and noise-cancelling head phones have me refreshed and ready to face Sex Week.  Second semester of second year started off with a bang.  (Haha).

Stay tuned for the chronic-(what)-cles of Sex Week.

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