he’s back

Last night I was at the library, forcing myself to cram some pharmacology into my head.  I had been fighting with my eyelids for a good five minutes when (through my favorite noise canceling headphones) I heard some action happening behind me.  What in the hell could be causing such a raucous at the public library on a Monday night.

I prepared my most pissed-off death-stare-face and turned around hoping to get a chance to glare at a table of teenagers.

But no, this was much worse than a table of teenagers.  The crazy old man in the revolutionary uniform is back.


And the crazy old man in the revolutionary-ish uniform (with matching cap and thick accent) was sitting next to and bugging the hell out of the grumpy old man in the blue jacket.  If there is anything that deserves the removal of the noise canceling headphones at the public library on a Monday night, this was it.

Very slowly I shifted the left headphone up above my ear (I didn’t want to draw attention to myself) and listened:

Crazy: Do you know where you find an ocean with out water?

Grumpy: no.

Crazy: A map!

Grumpy: (no response).

Crazy: Do you know why I came to America?

Grumpy: NO.

Crazy: To save my wife Nancy a trip to Romania!

Grumpy: (shakes his paper a bit to let Crazy know he was busy reading.)

Crazy: Do you know which flowers are the most kissable?

Grumpy: NO!

… and the grumpy old man threw down his paper and stormed to the other side of the library.  Like everyone else in the vicinity I was peaking out of the corner of my eye at the scene when all of the sudden he caught me.  Shoot.

As he marched over to me I panicked and before he could say anything I blurted out in my outside voice, “A tulip! A tulip.”  Tulips are the most kissable flower.

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