mr. blue

An 80 year old Caucasian man presented to the office yesterday for a bi-annual check-up. His past medical history consists of hypertension, dyslipidemia, and a recent onset of nocturnal dyspnea.

His mood was pleasant, he was well groomed, and but for his brown loafers and belt, was dressed from head to toe in different shades of blue: midnight blue jacket, blue button down, light blue undershirt, dark blue slacks, dark blue knit socks, and pale blue long underwear.

How, you ask, do I know about his pale blue skivvies? Well, because the pleasant and easy going 80 year old was unknowingly the recipient of my first ever digital rectal exam done on a real patient who was not under anesthesia at the time.

I watched Dr. Z’s technique, “you’re going to feel something cold and wet, and then I’m going to stick my finger in your butt.”

And then it was my turn, “um, again, you’re going to feel something cold and wet…”

Thank you, Mr. Blue.


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