good morning

I fought with myself for a good thirty minutes before finally dragging myself out of bed.  I sludged upstairs and sank into my morning routine: coffee, honey nut cheerios, the paper.  Awake yet?  Not quite. More honey nut cheerios, more coffee, and how about just a few more honey nut cheerios.  After wasting enough time I went back downstairs to make myself presentable. It is impossible to make yourself presentable to the outside world when you are still half-asleep, when you are studying for the boards, or when you are a zombie. I gave up, packed up my books, and headed for the car.  I got in the car and drove about half way there before finally looking at the clock.  

The library doesn’t open for another hour.

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One response to “good morning

  1. musingsofamedicalstudent

    ouch. i totally empathize.

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