i’m impressed

Speaking of granulomas, this girl’s med school essay has already been written for her: Teen Diagnoses Her Own Disease in Science Class (CNN).

“It’s weird I had to solve my own medical problem,” Terry told CNN affiliate KOMO in Seattle, Washington. “There were just no answers anywhere. … I was always sick.”

Yes, it’s weird you had to solve your own medical problem.  But it’s also weird that this diagnosis was missed in the first place.  It’s not like Crohn’s disease is unheard of, and any second year medical student can identify a granuloma.

Back to work…



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3 responses to “i’m impressed

  1. drpontificum

    I’d just like to say…. Step 1 was MY WORST NIGHTMARE. It doesn’t get any worse than that. I’m serious. Studying for the Internal Medicine boards was a pleasant learning experience compared to Step 1!

    That is all.

    PS. I just started a memoir… ermmm… Blog… come and visit and we can compare notes.

    • drfrenchfry

      ah, thanks for the empathy. glad to hear things don’t get worse though… i haven’t left the house in 2.5 days. i’ll be happy when this is over!

  2. musingsofamedicalstudent

    Postponing a week isn’t a big deal. If it makes you more comfortable, then do it. 🙂

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