quick recap

One month and a hundred or so kids, ear infections, and viral exanthems have gone by since my last post.  Not really sure when or how that happened.  

Quick recap on my first clerkship: peds is over, and surprisingly I enjoyed it.  

I do not see myself as a pediatrician. The part of the clerkship that I loved was being in the hospital, being around sick babies, sick kids, and sick teenagers.  I loved trying to figure out what the clinical signs and lab values were telling us. And then I loved figuring out how we were going to handle it.  I love puzzles.  And when puzzles involve sick children they contain a bit of adrenaline, desperation, and are extremely emotionally charged.

The problem is, I do not have the patience to trick a kid into saying AHHH by pretending my pen light is a magic lollipop.  Yes, it’s true that when a kid poops in his pants it’s entirely more bearable than when an adult poops in his pants, but the way I see it is children can either be ridiculously annoying or heartbreaking cute.  And unless they are related are me they tend to fall into the prior catergory.  

Peds is most likely off the list.


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