emergency room elective: day 1

Day 1: After tossing and turning all night I drag myself out of bed and make it to my new site on time. It’s my first day of an EM elective and I’m nervous as shit. I get there at 8:40 (I have an incredibly annoying habit of arriving anywhere I need to be way too early). The administrator was supposed to meet me at 9. It’s now 9:45 and the security guards at the front desk are my new BFFs.


Finally I am situated in the ER.  My first patient is a little old lately with her femur snapped in half.  Literally snapped in half. Her thigh was bent in a position in which I have never ever seen a thigh bent before.  So gross but really cool.  

Later on I watch a woman’s gums slough off as I watch my attending feel around the inside of her mouth with his fingers for an abscess.  Lucky for him she didn’t have teeth.  More gross than cool.

Fever.  Cough. Shortness of breath.  Chest pain.  Abdominal pain.  Abdominal pain. Ruptured ectopic (quick! send her to the OR!). Shortness of breath. Headache.  Chest pain.  Detached finger. 

Over and over and over again.  And I love it!  Focused histories, focused exams.  No time to sit around and pontificate.  See something.  Rule out the worst case scenario.  And treat.


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