i don’t hate christmas, i’m just busy as shit

A few months ago when I was in my peds rotation and my roommate was on her surgery rotation I told her she was being a crank. She started to cry.

I am 6.5 weeks into my surgery rotation.  I feel shackled to the operating room and thoroughly sleep deprived.  This Sunday will be my first day away from the hospital in 14 days.

The other evening my roommate, who is now in her peds rotation, accused me of not liking Christmas.  What did I do? For no clear reason, I started to cry.

And then both of us, who are actually considering going into this ridiculous field, started cracking up.


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One response to “i don’t hate christmas, i’m just busy as shit

  1. Zac

    Don’t. Don’t go into surgery. Don’t go into surgery unless there is nothing else that will satisfy your life but operating.

    Seriously… there are such more awesome fields out there that you don’t need to sacrifice your entire life for. The months I’ve been most miserable on my entire intern year have been surgical months.

    Of course, it’s a rewarding field. Unfortunately you can’t possibly understand how much of your life you will truly devote to Surgery until intern year… and by then it’s too late. Just think it over, carefully!

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