all grownz up

On June 19, 2008, Dr. French Fry was born.

Well, not really, but I was one year into medical school and decided that medical school was an incredible, wonderful, soul-crushing and terrifying experience and that I needed an outlet.  That day, on that first post, I wrote about three promises I made to myself: 1)stay normal, 2) do not become a crazy bitch, and 3) do not turn into a goblin.

Three years have passed, Dr. French Fry is all grownz up.

Tomorrow I start my residency. Tomorrow I  become an intern.  FuckShitFuckCrap.

On the eve of this horrifying day I am going to amend these promises:

1) Stay normal.  Sometimes I think of medical school as a dark brown smelly slop of quick sand.  If you are not watching where you walk you will take one big giant step into a pile of shit that will straight up swallow you.  You will either never emerge, or if you do you will return to the world entirely unrecognizable.  Since complete avoidance is impossible, I spent four years of my life trying to make sure I didn’t blindly fall in. I tried to keep my ties to the real world and when I got about waist deep I was usually able to tug on them to bring me back.  The verdict is still out on whether or not this was a wise decision, but I managed to get the residency I wanted while continuing to lead a somewhat “normal” life.  I fear this will be harder to do in residency, but I’m gonna give it a shot.

2) Do not become a crazy bitch.  Well, I am going to do us all a favor and combine this with #3, do not turn into a goblin.  I will not turn into a goblin if I am able to sleep.  Likewise, I will not become a crazy bitch if I am able to sleep.  I am going to, against all odds, get some goddamn sleep this year*.

3) Write.  I am going to need an outlet. I am going to have some good stories.  I am going to make an effort to document my experience.

* I should probably apologize in advance for turning into a giant crazy goblin bitch.


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  1. cmc

    1. “Staying Normal”? I can attest that you were not the “Normal” med student because you were the most “Normal” med student on the planet. In fact, I am still trying to figure out how you did it and can I get some of what your having?

    I am interested to see if your definition of normal has changed or will it change? As I become more involved with my profession, I find that it is easy to “Stay Normal” when my interpretation is constantly changing. If normal is defined as being humble, intuitive, genius, hilarious, caring, welcoming, and YOU… I think you will be all set – it is built in your DNA or something like that.

    2. “Crazy Bitch Goblin”… you may have coined it but I may have been the creator? Shift only in moderation to release the pressure but avoid all superiors (and nurses) at all costs. When dealing with lack of sleep and the urge of shifting into a CGG, take a deep breathe to control your breathing and blood flow, find the nearest Starbucks (only if DD is not available) and give me a shout out for the good old bitch session (otherwise known as “Transference of Emotions”). Works all the time. You will pass on your CBG and I can pay it forward…. successful avoidance of shifting!

    3. “Write”! Keep that pen at hand, preferable inside that pocket protector that I got you. To keep all of your loyal fans up to date, you may need to go to a digital recording pen so you can remember your ENTIRE journey of this scary FuckShitFuckCrap you call residency.


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